So you want to put an above ground pool in Austin?

First thing to remember is that you will need to stay at least 10 feet away from the back fence and 5 feet away from the side fences. This is pretty much true for any type of structure you plan to put in your yard.

Now if you pool is going to less than 5000 gallons there isn’t much else to do with the exceptions of the 10’ x 5’ rule aforementioned.  For safety make sure there are no power lines above or below your pool.


Over 5000 gallons you will need a permit which cost me $365.88 at the time I wrote this article (6/12/2015).

Before you go to the planning office you will need a few things.

3 copies of your plot plan with your pool drawn on it to scale use the 1”=20’ scale and make 3 prints on 11x17 papers.  This is what is should look like. sample home  

Fill out the calcuation_aid.doc which basically will tell the person looking at your plan what type of impact it will have with drainage and impervious cover. calcuation_aid.doc

You will need to fill out the pool deck  application as well. pool and deck.pdf

Going to the planning office:

Now march yourself down to the city and go by Austin Energy first, they will need to stamp your plan and they will have a form you will need to fill out and return with your application. They are on the first floor (721 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78704) to the right when you first walk in.

Once you’ve done that take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and go right to the window. They will record you being thee and someone will come out and get you and review the papers to make sure you have everything.  If all goes well they will send you to the first floor to pay for it.

Now go home and wait. They will call you and email you. If all goes well then you will be permitted to put in your pool.




Above ground pools do not affect the impervious cover numbers. So if your pool was 12’x24’ or 288 sq. ft. it would not add 288 sq. ft. to your impervious cover. It has zero affect.