I need a nice looking and easy to use date and time selector. I didn't want to use a drop down for the time because it just feels kludgy and old. I opted for a clock shape analog with hours. Once you select your hour it changes the hours to 5 minute intervals. The am/pm select is in the middle. The standard JQuery datepicker is used to select the date but in a static way. All this opens in a dialog. Please not this does multiples of 5 for minutes (0, 5, 10, 15, etc.). This opens in a dialog and needs JQuery to work. Another piece of functionality I added was to have the dialog set 2 form elements; 1 textbox with a nice formatted date and 1 hidden with a MySQL date.

For the file go to https://github.com/mrosandich/slickDTP

Quick Example: https://www.ourace.com/code_examples/slickDTP/index.html