I had an issue where the game would crash and tell me I didn't have enough memory or connection to video card was lost.

My PC specs:

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 12GB VRAM on a NVIDIA 3060 
  • Windows 11 (upgrade from 10)

I started running performance monitor and noticed my VRAM usage would never go above 2.5GB.

My Ram would be closer to 11GB used

So what's the issue...

I ran some memory test looking for corrupt memory on both VRAM and RAM and everything seemed good. I replaced my 3060 with a 4070 and still had the same issue.

Well I finally figured out what the issue was:

I don't generally allow windows to use a paging file. I've always been a believer that I have enough ram. I reenabled the paging file in windows 11 and it fixed my issue.

I only discovered this due to the fact that around the time of the crash something in event view was throwing the error can't create pagefile.