For the longest time I have been a fan of Acurite. However there has been some changes and some bad design issues and forcing customers to buy new hubs.

If you had the older hub that reported your sensor(s) data they are requiring you to get a new hub (at a discount) to support new technology. They say they have out grown their infrastructure ability to handle the all the hubs plus the new hub will offer better services. Maybe the new hub will handle devices better in the future and will be a good thing but forcing customer to pay for a new hub because you don't want to support the hundreds of thousands of hubs you have sold is pretty crappy. I am software engineer and system architect and have have been working in the field 30+ years. I call BS and this is just a money grab to make up for short falls on lack of their planning.

I decided to play along. I have 6 sensors around the house and a 5-1 weather station and just got this fancy new hub that looks like Google Home speaker. Now I plugged in the new hub and all my device show...
as.... Temp & Humidity Sensor-6
Temp & Humidity Sensor-5
Temp & Humidity Sensor-4
Temp & Humidity Sensor-3
Temp & Humidity Sensor-2
Temp & Humidity Sensor-1

You guys didn't think to make it so when a new hub is added to see if you wanted to add the old sensors name to it.
Any upgrade option in the portal you could run would be a good idea. You can even have the web interface see if any sensor has the same sensor id. Would have took any good programmer maybe 1 day to write.

Here is something they code do: Put the sensor Identifier on the damn sensor.. If you go on your network and get the IP address of you new or old hub you can browse to it. you will see a nice list of sensors. it looks like this:
# Type Id Last Time (UTC) SignalBattery

If they showed the sensor ID on I could mach them and not have to play the which sensor is which game. When I first got all my sensors I turned one on at a time and labeled them with the ID using a sharpie as they registered on the hub..