FreePBX has a feature when looking at the CDR to listen to recorded calls. When you click play it want to use quickTime to play your audio. This is lame...

I like to use the HTML 5 audio controls of the device, not force some plugin to run.
I am running asterisk now with FreePBX pre-installed.
So here is what I did:

The web files are located in /var/www/html/admin/modules/cdr
edit the file: cdr_play.php
change the line:

echo("<embed width='100%' type='audio/basic' src='config.php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio.php&cdr_file=" .$file. "' width=300, height=25 autoplay=true loop=false></embed><br>");


echo("<audio controls style='height:30px;'><source src='config>php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio>php&cdr_file=" >$file> "&ft=>wav' type='audio/wav'></audio> <a href='config>php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio>php&cdr_file=" >$file> "&ft=>wav'>File</a> <br>");

one thing you will notice besides the tag being changed is I added &ft=.wav to the end of the src URL. if the src URL does not end with the file type specified in type="audio/wav" there will be issues.So if your using a different audio type make sure you change the .wav to match it.