Some context first,
This tool is used to generate common code used in web development. It wil generate basic web forms and data tables, with ajax load and saves. This includes Create, Read, Update Delete database operations. Doesn't include custom design or security.

Two ways to generate your code:

for update and delete operation it will use the item you have selected as the primary key (pk).

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Be sure to hit the Generate Scripts button.

Notes: This gives you a lot of code but not all the code you will need. You will probably want security in your web services. Also, you might have differnt needs when loading a list view , so you will need to modify the load list.

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Create Schema

c# CRUD Operations

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Json Object & Client JavaScript for Web Service

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>configuration< >system.web< >webServices< >protocols< >add name="HttpGet"/< >add name="HttpPost"/< >/protocols< >/webServices< >/system.web< >/configuration<