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   Name: Mell Rosandich
Age: 44
Current degree: Master of Science in Information Technology - Business Intelligence & Analytics
Over all desired degree: Ph.D. in Computer science

Bio: I have been programming since I was 10. I can program in many computer languages at an expert level. I love to play guitar and sing and write music. I am a peaceful easy going fun loving guy.



My favorite things.

I have been programming for a long time. My favorite language to program in is  PHP using MySQL but generally it is any language that I'm currently knee deep into. I started programming in PHP back in 1998 with PHP 3.0. I also enjoy JavaScript for client side enhancements; JQuery is one of my favorite JavaScript libraries. I enjoy c# because it's like Java and I love Java.It's been awhile since I have done any good old c or c++. I do enjoy VB and,  and now that it has stronger libraries with better access to low level calls, I enjoy it even more. My First major programming experience  I was 13 and writing a c program on a Macintosh for a non- profit organization using Borland C. I started using my very first computer was when I was 10. It was a TRS80 and I wrote basic programs for fun. It was mostly silly stuff (Random dice and character generator for D&D).

I’ve used many frame works for quick and easy website creations; often a framework is perfect for most websites and or application. Joomla! Framework work is one of the better frameworks and is easy to build on. Kohana Frame work is pretty great as well if you need a simple to complex application with database interaction. 

My Favorite programming joke: 

An object-oriented version of COBOL has just been released - it's called ADD 1 TO COBOL.


My Home Office Setup.

I currently run 3 servers that I use for development:

My First development server is a VMWare vSphere ESXi 5.1.0(799733) virtual server with 64GB of RAM and 4 physical CPUs / 16 cores. This server runs various OS such as Ubuntu 16,14, 12, 11, 10, Windows XP, Vista, 98, 7, 8, and 2012. It is running an Asterisks VoIP instance with FreePBX and various MySQL and PHP configurations. I used to use it for Subversion and GIT but have moved that to appliance server.

My Second development server is a Windows 2012 dedicated server with 32GB RAMS running 2 CPUs / 8 cores. This is running as a AD Forest / Domain with IIS and .net framework 4.5 and lower. This server is also running an instance of MS SQL Express 2012. This is mainly my Web development environment for Windows Web applications.

My main development box is a Windows 8 Pro with 16GB Ram and 1 CPU with 6 cores and 3 monitors. I run Visual studio 2016 as well as Android, Eclipse and various programming IDEs. I program in PHP, PEARL, JAVA, JAVA Script, HTML, DHTML, VB, VB Script,, c, c++, c#. Windows Application, Windows Mobile Application, Java Application, Macintosh iOS, and BlackBerry Applications (not so much anymore).


A blurb about me!

I have over 20 years of professional experience as a programmer in various languages and environments. Technologies include: PHP, PERL, VB,, C, C++, C#, JAVA, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, and Microsoft TSQL. Platforms include: various Windows OS, LINUX, Apple, Blackberry, Android, IOS and Windows Mobile. I’m a very versed in web technologies and integration of technology into business models and work flow. I aim to bring a high level view point of the implementation and design of technologies and always have a mind set for best practice. 

I’ve worked for Microsoft, UPS, and as a software engineer; in this capacity I was responsible for all aspects of software development which included design, functionality, development and Quality Assurance.



Projects Tasks and know how!



  • Work Behaviors and practices
  • Design a web site and/or application from ground up.
  • Knowledge of many disciplines when considering  Architecture
  • As well as limits and practicality
  • Considers Time management and Milestone.

Daily Grind

  • Follow a MRD or Spec
  • Write Specs based on MRD or needs or based on allotted time.
  • Documents Code
  • Documents tools
  • User Friendly Interfacing HTML / VB / JAVA / ETC...
  • Great at Teaching
  • Keep and sets Milestone
  • Great Trouble shooter ( Can pin point problems rather quickly )
  • Quick to pick up programming languages.
  • Easily switch between programming languages
  • Good at Managing code base
  • Very project orientated person. Stays well focused.

Web - Developer

  • PHP and MySQL
  • PERL scripting.
  • ASP programming in VBScript and Jscript
  • Custom ActiveX.dll s written in VB
  • SQL:  Microsoft SQL, MYSQL
  • DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Jquery
  • Microsoft Passport implementation.
  • ActiveX components and Games Client Side ( VB )
  • XML , XSL Server-Side and client.
  • Corel Draw
  • Java Applets
  • .Net, c# ,
  • Windows IIS and Linux Apache
  • MVC
  • Various PHP Framworks

VB - Old School

  • Custom application using VB
  • WinSock / WinInet control.
  • Database connectivity
  • Web Scraping


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