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I added another router to my network to handle the kids wireless devices, PCs, and IP phones (Aastra) 

Since my main router provided by ATT doesn't support routes I had to add the routes manually.

I add 1 for my windows box so I could administrate device on the new network.

I had to add a new route on my Asterisk box so it could find the phones.

The main network is and the new network is


edit the following file. Changing the last part to match your network device name: eth0, eth1, etc.

 nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth1

default dev eth1 via


Open cmd prompt as administrator:

route add mask metric 2

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FreePBX has a feature when looking at the CDR to listen to recorded calls. When you click play it want to use quickTime to play your audio. This is lame...

I like to use the HTML 5 audio controls of the device, not force some plugin to run.
I am running asterisk now with FreePBX pre-installed.
So here is what I did:

The web files are located in /var/www/html/admin/modules/cdr
edit the file: cdr_play.php
change the line:

echo("<embed width='100%' type='audio/basic' src='config.php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio.php&cdr_file=" .$file. "' width=300, height=25 autoplay=true loop=false></embed><br>");


echo("<audio controls style='height:30px;'><source src='config>php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio>php&cdr_file=" >$file> "&ft=>wav' type='audio/wav'></audio> <a href='config>php?skip_astman=1&quietmode=1&handler=file&module=cdr&file=cdr_audio>php&cdr_file=" >$file> "&ft=>wav'>File</a> <br>");

one thing you will notice besides the tag being changed is I added &ft=.wav to the end of the src URL. if the src URL does not end with the file type specified in type="audio/wav" there will be issues.So if your using a different audio type make sure you change the .wav to match it.