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This is such a nice feature to be able to login to my ubuntu desktop via Windows RDP.


You will need to get on your Ubuntu desktop

open terminal

type: sudo apt-get install xrdp

accept the install by hitting y

if you don't know the IP address of your Ubuntu box do the following:

type: ifconfig

hint: its not the


Since your on your Ubuntu desktop there is one more thing you will want to do other wise you might go a little nuts every time you hit the "d" key

Go to :  System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts

You will see an entry toward the bottom "hide all normal windows and show the desktop" bound to D

Click the D with your mouse and then click [alt]d

this will updater the shortcut.


Back to windows:

A few things you can do to start a remote desktop session:

Start RDP:

Click: start-> All programs - > Accessories -> Remote desktop connection

or go to run and type mstsc

or go to run and type mstsc /v:i[ip address from above]


You will get a log in prompt.

Leave the module as default (should be "sesman-Xvnc")

use the same user and password you'd use for Ubuntu Desktop.


Pro Tip:

if you want a permanent desktop shortcut to open to your Ubuntu. Make a short cut from the Accessories by dragging to the desktop with right mouse button.

then right click and edit and add the /v:[ipaddress]

example: Target: %systemroot%\system32\mstsc.exe /v:



That is it, enjoy.