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Plesk Login

Server Management - > Tools and Settings


Server Management:

Server Components

Refresh List:

If you see "Web Publishing" in list then Web deploy is installed

if not: find here

(After install refresh server components)



Go to

Service Plans:

Click the plan needed

click hosting Parameters

(right side) Check box for "Web Deploy publishing

update sync





How the Client Connects with WebMatrix:

Protocol: Web Deploy

Server: IP or domain name

username: Windows User Account

password: Windows user password

site name: the name of the site (as you see in IIS).



Other Application:

Service URL: https://domainname:8172/MsDeploy.axd?site=iissitename




Trouble Shooting Tips:

RDP to Server.  Go to url below should get a password prompt




Go to Devbox and try this replacing local host with server name:

times out then firewall not open on 8172 or not enabled in Management service


Open IIS Manager Go to Server node (right below starpage. probably has hgadmin in the name)

Go to Management service and make sure it is started (not web platform installer)

Enable remote Connection  [x]Checked