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Configure for a new phone or modify layout


By changing a few things in the admin interface you can change what is displayed on the phone.

It looks confusing at first.. and maybe I will fix that later.


But first thing first.


How we detect the phone.

We sample match a key word in the header of the phone.

Each phone will use it's own browser. That browser has a string of characters.

for example: A Polycom 501 will have "Microbrowser/1.1 PolycomSoundPointIP-SPIP_501-UA/"

This will also depend on the firmware version as well. Those last few number might change a little.

This is why we have the Match header field.

If I set the Match header to "polycom" ( use small case ) it will find the word in the above string and match.

You can be exact as you like. if you had a Polycom 301 you might want to change it to be more specific.

Since a polycom 301 displays less characters per page you'd want to find one for each phone that works.

So you can take advantage of the better phones and still support the old phones.


Is New

Is New = yes, These will appear if you don't have a match with the phones browser and whats is stored under Browser Agent.

So if you connect a new type of phone it will make a entry and set this to Yes.

When matching header we only search for ones with Is new = no

So after you configure the new entry set this to no.

But if you have wide watch like Match header = polycom

and you want this for all polycoms.  just leave the new entries by any Polycom  to Is New = yes.

So you might have entries for polcom 501,polycom 30x all set to Is new = yes

But you have 1 rule that matches all them so it's ok :)




Replacement In String

In the admin interface you can setup a few things.

The Top of the XML/HTML/XHTML and the bottom

You will also setup each line item per phonebook

Also called "Extension per record" and "AddressBook per Record"

The 2 above will be displayed per item in phone book. one is used for extension and the other for the asterisk phone book.

So the output will look like this:


..each line item



Thats is the basic structure


Here are the values you will substitute when making your XML:

See some of the already made rules.

Replace vars:

$dir$ = current directory name: Extensions|Address Book

$num$ = number or extension

$NAME$ = name associated with number or extension

$RelPath$ = Realitve path /admin/config.php?type=tool&display=xmlphonedirectory

$NP$ = next page number

$LP$ = last page number

$CP$ = current page number

$TM1$ = replace in TOP XML/HTML with your menu item Top1

$TM2$ = replace in TOP XML/HTML with your menu item Top2

$TM3$ = replace in TOP XML/HTML with your menu item Top3

$BM1$ = replace in BOTTOM XML/HTML with your menu item Bot1

$BM2$ = replace in BOTTOM XML/HTML with your menu item Bot2

$BM3$ = replace in BOTTOM XML/HTML with your menu item Bot3


Query Vars:

t= directory type e|a

page= list page if more then your items per page number.