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This simple little program takes something copied into the clipboard ( excel rows, MySQL Work bench Rows,etc.) and let you output them into SQL statements with some options.


  1. First Copy your stuff to the clipboard.
  2. Adjust your settings and create your SQL statement
  3. Click Process
  4. Click Copy Text Below to Clipboard


The SQL when you first load looks like this:

 insert into  [onPoint].[web].[calendar] (calender_id,title,location,start_time,end_time)values('1',!c0!,!c1!,!c2!,!c3!);

the !c0! , !C1!, etc..  are values that will be swapped with what shows up in the data grid after you click Pull from clipboard.

When you process for each row in the data grid you will have a row of your SQL with the swapped values in the bottom left text box.