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I wrote a GeoIP service.

it will get the ip of the user hitting the page or you can attach ip= to the query string.

get vars to pass are:

no format  query modifiers will give you the following:

ip address matched to| loc id| country| state| city| zip | longitude | latitude


Formatting the Results:

format= xml,json,bar


Only the elements you want:



  • i = ip 
  • d = locid
  • c = country
  • s = state
  • l = city (this is L for locality)
  • z = zip
  • n = longitude
  • a = latitude 

so if the query string had  &f=naz you would get back longitude, latitude , and the zip code



Some Examples:

This would get the zip, lng, lat for the IP in json format:



This would get the zip ,lng, lat of the person hitting the web server  in json format:



This would get the city, state of the person hitting the web server in bar format ( city|state):