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If your like me you like to keep your VM server nice a tidy so you don't make over sized drives for all your appliances and game servers.
But sometimes you need to extend the partition because something grows to big.

First thing you'll want to do is login to the VM and poweroff in the console (i used putty)
Second thing you will need to do is open VMware vSphere Client find the VM, right click and edit.
Find the drive device and give it a bigger size. I am going from 10GB to 40 GB.
Save your changes (click ok)
Right click the VM and power it on.

Open putty so you can log back into the VM. I login as root.
Now we will add a new partition:

type in: fdisk -l
look for something that looks like( it will have your hostname you used when you set it up):
Disk /dev/mapper/ZabbixServer--vg-root: 8329 MB, 8329887744 bytes
please note the volume name from the above text is: ZabbixServer-vg , yes it doesn't have 2 dashes (--)

You will also see a list of devices:
device boot , start , end /dev/sda1, 2048 ,499711
/dev/sda2, 501758, 20969471
/dev/sda5, 501760, 20969471
take note of the highest end block and add 1: 20969472
fdisk /dev/sda
Command (m for help): n
Command (m for help): p
Command (m for help): 3 (this will make /dev/sda3 it might be /dev/sda4 just remember for the extend step )
start block will be the highest end block
End block will be the default listed in my case: 104857599
Command (m for help):w
reboot the vm.

vgextend ZabbixServer-vg /dev/sda3 (sba3 is from above step)
vgdisplay ZabbixServer-vg | grep "Free"
show show something like: Free PE / Size 10240 / 40.00 GiB (if you see this then you got it right)
resize2fs /dev/ZabbixServer-vg/root

drive is now larger!