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HOWTO - Creating a SQL Server Database Login Account

To create a new login account:

  1. From the Start menu in Windows select Start|All Programs|Microsoft SQL Server 2005|SQL Server Management Studio Express.
  2. In the sidebar on the left, expand the database, then the Security folder, then click Logins.
  1. From the Logins window, right click the Logins box and select New Login...




  1. On the Login window, enter a Login name.  Then select SQL Server authentication and enter a Password and Confirm password.  This is the password that will keep bad guys out of your data so make sure you use a strong password that won't be easily guessed, and make sure you remember it.  It is also the password that you will use when switching databases within eB.




  1. In the Default database box, select your Blackthorne database.  Click OK to return to the Logins window.  

  1. You now have a new SQL Server Login account.  Next, you will create a database user and link it to this account.

To create a database user:

  1. In the sidebar in the SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand Databases.




  1. Find the name of your Blackthorne database under Databases and expand it.

  1. Expand Security and then select Users.

  2. In the Users window, right click and select New User... in the context menu.

  3. In the User name, enter a database user name.  This should be the same name as the SQL Login you just created.




  1. In the Login name, enter the same name you used in User name.  This is associating the Login account you created with the database user that you are now creating.

  2. In the Role Members list, check db_datareaderdb_datawriter, and db_ddladmin to set the permissions that the new database user will have.

    be sure to set what permissions this account needs.

    Read only select only:db_datareader


  4. Click OK to exit, and then File|Exit to leave the SQL Server Management Studio.